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Mama Said is a Franco-American urban indie folk band steeped in hip hop, rock and rhythm & blues cultures. The texts, whether in French or English, are infused with the American roots of the songwriter and tell of a youth on the roads and without landmarks. Cello, guitar, piano, drums and a duet of voives partake an eclectic and organic sound.

Mama Said's repertoire is as mixed as the urban culture of its author: folk, indie rock, hip hop, and electro, are the identity of this plural American childhood. Poverty and abandonment rub shoulders with the decadence of the American metropolises of the 1980s. The radical rock of a father transfixed by the fear of a nuclear apocalypse. Commercial pop from a foreign mother enchanted by an America that likes to show off in patriotic fireworks. But it is alternative rock and hip hop that define this new musical generation with its returns and detours to blues, rhythm & blues and jazz. Suddenly, samples of classical music weave themselves to urban and electronic rhythms, African and Latino, and the liberation of styles is deepened by an unlimited mix.


Mama Said bio

Joshua Imeson | auteur-compositeur, guitare, chant lead

Anaïs Douat | violoncelle, basse, chant

Guilhèm Artières | clavier, trompette, choeur

Victor Pol | batterie, sampler, choeur

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